Why Mamita Mala Wears Red Today

Today is the day to wear mourning colors, fighting colors, birthing colors, crying colors. The color of the blood trapped behind bruised skin, the color of blood shed monthly reminding us of who we are and our power, the color of lives spilled behind closed doors in silence, the color of screaming. Today is the day to be obvious and loud, even if not with our mouths but with our cuerpos, painted llantos carried on our backs, holding our sisters’ hands.

Today is the day to Be Bold, Be Red, to be brazen mujers, madres, hermanas, hijas, abuelas, putas, virgenes, luchadoras and to be what we were told we were never to be: strong, alive, and yes ugly with our verdades.

Here is my ugly verdad, I wear it everyday, multicolored tapestry adorning my my nakedness. It colors how I breath, walk, see, touch, kiss, cry, fuck, and love.


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