A Very Mala Navidad

It looks like Navidad will be seriously trimmed down compared to last year. Since el Chileno and I broke up, it seems odd to invite his friends and family to a themed Christmas eve dinner like I did last year (funny so many of the poet/artists friends of his and allegedly of mine haven’t said one word to me about the breakup, neither has his family- so much for artistic solidarity or Christian caring).

I never worry about my chicas getting gifts, since my familia more than takes care of them.

I feel like I am too old to ask for presents and I never expect anything anyway, and not in a bad way pero if I were to sit on Santa’s lap (que fresca) and ask for regalos, I would have the real list and the fantasy list.

Real Things I Want for Navidad

  • A new lease for the apartment
  • The ceiling fixed in the bedroom
  • money to help pay for rent and food and bills
  • trader joe’s gift cards
  • a babysitter
  • justicia

Fantasy Things I Want for Navidad

  • An Iphone
  • A digital camera (you all will benefit from the half-nekkid pictures)
  • plane tickets
  • a new laptap
  • a new vibrator (I am single again after all)
  • family memberships to museums for the chicas and I
  • justicia

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