7 Long Years

A ver if I post here if anyone notices. It’s been so long, so long since I wrote anything that was just about me. Now, in this new iteration of my life in Los Angeles, it’s all about the organizational we and everything else is swallowed by the silence of private life. It’s suffocating, and this is my attempt to give myself some breathing room. Puede ser que nadie se va dar cuenta. Que esto se convierte en mi esquina privida del internet. I’m not trying to make deep political statements here. I’m just me – struggling with co-habitation, struggling with my new role in the NPIC, and always, always struggling with mami’hood.

Today, I’m sick. Canceled a meeting at work because of a cold that I’ve been ignoring all week and now that cold has caught up with me in the middle of a SoCal heatwave. Coughing and tight chest so for the first time in a really long time, I’ve been basically in bed. Reading, now writing. Getting up to make sure my children are alive and fed and busy doing something.

The children are hardly the ones when I stopped writing here. One started community college, the other is in third grade aka the year the testing begins.

A ver dejo esto como prueba – a ver quien se fija antes qie digo mas. Do people even blog anymore?

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