Siempre estamos esperando algo.

We are always waiting for something.

Waiting for the dreams that make my sleep uneasy to come true

waiting for the other shoe to drop

waiting to get paid

Waiting for the Spring

waiting for him to make up his mind

waiting to breath

waiting to tell the truth

waiting to stop hiding


My primo just married the woman he has been with for over 14 years.

He’s known her for longer.

What was he waiting for?

The right moment?

Money so that the wedding would be right?

Was he waiting for her?

We are always waiting for something instead of just acting




Even as I write this I am waiting for my toddler to tire herself out so I can reallt concentrate on some work

pero I may just go ahead and start it anyway

and not wait

and just struggle with the noise and the interuptions

because I am tired of waiting for so many things.

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