What happens when we can no longer send propaganda across radio waves to the planets?

Tonight how will we send an SOS to Karaya

because it is all collapsing around us-

The means

the infrastructure


the economy


How will we hear the response

when our inner layers have succumbed to gravity

When all we think we know is call and response

to find our way

across oceans

across oceans

across trauma.

The translation gets crushed against what is left of our core

and all others can bear witness to is the graphic pornographic image of our ruin.

The pressure is more that 900 tons on the platforms of our backs

and so many of us have been decommissioned

so many of our support cables have snapped

so much of our skin is scarred



What happens when the temperature of the human instrument

keeps rising

reflecting back to you


We expand.

We resist the risk of failing

but we don’t resist the collapse.

We trust our bodies

the true assets

we know more waves than the ones they have given us

we know


when the contraction comes

it is the time to push

become bigger than we ever thought we could be.

We didn’t wait for the stakeholder table to be called.

We know they wouldn’t pronounce our names correctly

to call us there

to assess the situation.

So we fall into ourselves

tighten ourselves within limbs of more than 15,000 pounds

before they can demolish us in a controlled manner

before they could punch more holes

into our surviving structure

before they can set up safety exclusion zones

meant to keep us away



When they investigate what happened

When they try to fix the damage

we will be





outshining everything else in the universe.

We will have cooled

and become


to them

so they can’t baptize us with foreign to us labels

so they can’t study us

so they can’t stabilize us

and we will be






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